Saturday, May 1, 2010

Letter #2

i cant beleive i have already been in the mtc for a whole week and 2 days now. time really is flying by i am suprised. most people say that the first week goes by slow. the first week has been great. its been cold here it has rained a couple of days and snowed alot off and on. i really miss the arizona summer right now. many of you know i hate the cold lol. i have some pictures that i will send home during the middle of this week. it takes more than a day to develop them so ill have to wait. i cant receive pictures over the email so you have to send them to me in a letter. i want pictures of the family tho so please send me some to put on my desk. mom your letters arent going to me thru der elder they all show up on my email account i dunno why. but if you can get them to send to me as a letter with dear elder please try to thanks. i received the packages thank you soo much they were great. thanks mom and don. sandy sent me one as well with some goodies in it. i know have a junk drawer full of drinks and goodies. the soda made it just fine and thank you it was nice to have dr pepper with caffeine for once haha. im saving the coca cola for a special occasion. today friday is our p day and we had the chance to go thru the temple which was awesome. mom you asked what church was like on sunday pretty much we wake up get dressed and go to sacrment with our zone and the talks are all in spanish and its random who he calls on so you must always have one prepared. than after we have lunch and than priesthood meeting and than classes and than later we have a district meeting. and we find time in between to walk the temple grounds. o ya and that night around 8 o clock we watch a church movie. so sundays are always good. when i went thru the temple today i ate at the cafetaria. it was nice eating some real food for once haha. tasted good. i think i might putting on weight i may have to watch what i am eating, because of this all you can eat buffet and all these sweets im getting in the mail. but its good ill loose it all when i get to argentina im sure. o i almost forgot we had a devotional tuesday or wed night and we had L. TOM PERRY give us a talk it was awesome listening to an apostile give us a talk. he talked about the book of mormon and how its our greatest missionary that we have. and he beared his testimony of it. we also heard from his wife. i look forward to devotionals. we have a district in our zone thats leaving this week so we wont be the youngest any more and we will have another diratrict come in a week . so wont be the youngest. my companion is going to the same mission as i am rosario argentina and we leave the same day. our whole district besides one companionship is going to the same mission they are going to puerto rico. a kinda funny story me and my comp after class were heading back to our room and we made a wrong turn and walked to the top floor of the sisters building before we even realized it. so we both just looked at eachother and booked it down those stairs haha. 2 sisters saw us and was probably very confused we felt pretty dumb. my companero is starting to open up we are getting along alot better and he isnt so shy so thats been great. its funny tho he followes me in the cafteria and will get the same food as me everyday. although i tell him everyday he dosnet have to get the same thing as me haha. he is a cool guy. its funny since i have been here im not as shy. and i think thats what mark drew and zac were saying how once your called as a missionary your no longer the same your not affraid to just approch people and just talk about what ever. thank you everyone for the letters and packages i have enjoyed them. my district laughes cause i got 3 packages in 1 week and a handfull of letters already. i truly feel blessed with my family and friends. mom im gonna give you davids phone number can you call him and ask if he got my letter or ask for his apartment adress for me thanks. 4802092337. thank you mom for the emails and keeping me up to date on everyone i appreciate it. im glad that daniel seems to be doing good from the resuilts. i love you all and thank you for everything cant wait till next week mom my scripture for plaque is d&c 133 7-8. so for doing that so late. and next time you write can you give me my account balance thanks love you all


  1. These letters remind me of the days when Cory was in the mtc. They were the highlight of my week. I so enjoyed hearing from him. He would use laundry days to write letters. It was very helpful if he had a paper letter to read at a more convienient time because they don't have a lot of computer time. I look forward to following this blogspot.

  2. I am so glad to know that someone is reading this and enjoying it :)