Sunday, April 25, 2010

First Letter

it was so great to hear from everyone i dont have alot of time to write but i will go thru my week very quickly. i flew in to salt lake city i meet a cool elder farnsworth we hung out at the airport and caught a shuttle to the mtc. their was 5 elders from arizona so we had a fun time talking. once we arrived at the mtc we went thru a quick orientation they gave us our name tags and our cards that we needed. it was a bit overwhelming. we than went to our classroom and meet our companions. my companion is elder waid he is a cool kid but very shy its tough to get him to tell me what he wants to do and to open up and talk to me so its been a little tough but in time i think he will come out of hes shell and talk. i will start and tell you my typical day i wake up at 630 am than put on my basketball shoes and i have gym time for an hour than we come back to our rooms and shower and get dressed for the day and go to breakfast. the food isnt bad its all you can eat but its not settling to well with my stomach lol. im getting use to it tho. than we go to class around 845 and were their untill 1pm for lunch than we have a few hours of missionary directed time to study. than we have more class till 6pm and we have dinner than back to class and than sometimes we have zone activities. they diffintly keep us very busy. we get back to our rooms by 930 and get ready for bed which is lights out at 1030. the days havent been to long they have gone by fairly quickly i have already been here for 4 days. it wil go by quickly. i am beggining to get on a routine which is good i am getting ahang of everything. i am learning alot. gospel and spanish. out teachers are awesome they are young hermano toro is 23 and served in argentina mission and hermana smith is in her 20's and served in puerto rico. my district and zone are all awesome. everyone treats eachother like brothers its awesome. mark you are right about the hymns they are so cool you can feel the spirit so strong. i have trc on monday where we must teach fake investigators and we must carry a conversation in spanish for 5 minutes. and than teach discussion 1 for 35 minutes it will be good for me and my comp to do i am excited. thank you everyone for your letters they make my day when i read them. mom im so proud of you on achieving your goals with p90x and your diet thats awesome . i began to cry when reading the letters haha. i miss my family so much but i wanna thank everyone for all their support and love. my p days are on fridays its the only days i can email and write letters i want a family pic of everyone that we took with the jump house please so i can hang it at my desk. i only have 30 mins on the email so if i dont have a chance to write evryone i apologize. i am so grateful for the oppurtunity i have to serve the lord my testimony has built so much. even with small things i play volleyball and basketball in the morning with elders and i havent had any knee problems since i have been here and normally i cant jump without being in pain. well i love everyone and i will send another email next friday . LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!

yo se que jesucristo es nuestro salvador y podemos saber por medro del espiritu santo que el evangelio es verdadero yo se que dios ama a sus hijos he sentido de su amar y yo se que de le ama.

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