Monday, May 17, 2010

Letter #4

I cant believe its P day again already. time is continually flying by. its awesome i cant believe I am already on my 4th week here at the mtc.

Before i know it i will be in the field and than home. I am beggining to realize how much i need to take advantage of the time here at the mtc. i have been teaching alot this week i have taught lesson 2 alot. i cant believe how easy it is to just talk about the dicussions and teach them for 30 mins. we have a progressing investigator now that we teach each week and they act as someone they know and we must teach them each lesson and try and get them to be baptized we well start that next week so that will be cool. this monday we are transitioning to spanish completly. we will no longer be able to speak in english in class. we must pray read and talk spanish. this monday is the last trc in english as well than we have to teach 30 minute lessons in espanol. thats gonna be tough haha. this monday i have to talk and get to know them and help them clean and teach a 5 minute lesson on prayer and teach them how to pray all in spanish. i hope i will be ready for that. it gets tough cause my compaion just has be do all the spanish conversation he is to scared of messing up so i have been trying to work on him with that. i saw chase boyed on thursday. we were in the cafetaria i was sitting eating and he walks in and we both look at eachother i stood up and we both walked super fast and just gave a huge hug people prally thought it was weird haha. but it was awesome. it was good to see someone i knew a good freind from back home. we talked for awhile he is having a tough time adjusting but he will get in the swing of things in a few days. the first 3 days were the hardest. today we went to the temple, we got all the way their and than i realized i forgot my recommend so i had to all the back to our room and get it than walk back. its about 15 mins both way. once we got their they asked us to do sealings. that was really cool to be able to do. than as we were leaving a man stoped us and sayed. Elders have u heard of Martin Harris, and we reply ya of course and described briefly who he was. he than said my grandfather spoke to martin harris in utah face to face and he bared testimony of the gold plates that he has seen him and that he was a true witness of god and how the book of mormon is true. and he told us how his grandfather when he was young pulled him up on to their wagon and told him that hey spoke to martin harris and his grandfather bared testimony to him about the truth of the book of mormon. And than he said elders you have know heard a testimony of martin harris just two mouths away from his own. and we both looked at eachother. it was such a spiritual experince and we could feel the spirit so strong it was awesome. but i want to bare my testimony that i know that martin harris was a witness of god and that joseph smith did translate the book of mormon and that through it we can receive many blessing in our life and come closer to god as we read it. So you have know heard a testimony of the book of mormon only 3 mouths away from martin Harris.

The time here at the mtc has been great, their has been some tough times cause i miss home and my family, but i love it here. . Have you heard from David, I havent received one letter from him yet. i am kinda sad i wanna here from him soon. i dont have his address so i am gonna send it to the house and have you call him to get it. Thats crazy about the weather that its been so up and down. but i bet you dont mind not having the heat haha. its begginning to warm up here its not snowing anymore but it will rain in the morning than stop than be clear skys and sunny. the weather here is weird haha. but its warming up its nice. i dont need anything sent to me like a sweater but thanks tho. . im running out of time but thanks for all you do.. Only 102 weeks like you said and before you know it i will be home. I love you and will write again next week. :) :) :)

Love you

Elder gabriella

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