Sunday, May 9, 2010

Letter #3

well two weeks down already on to my 3rd week. I cant beleive its P-Day again already. its awesome. i am so anxiouse and excited to get to argentina, but the mtc really is alot of fun. this last week not a whole lot happened it was a normal week for the most part. on tuesday we usually have all our meetings. these week we had a qurom of the 70 at our devotional, elder gibbons. he gave a really good talk about 10 questions investigators will most commonly ask and how to answer them without doctrine but with simple reasoning and logic. it was a great talk. and very helpful because im sure we well get alot of those questions in the field. wednsday and thursday were really good. we had tons of study time. after lunch on thursday we had 5 hours of straight study time it was awesome. i had lots of time to study the language and doctrine. we are now moving on to teaching lesson 2. so we are making outlines of the lesson and practice teaching them with one another. its alot of fun and extremly helpful. its funny you will have people come up to you and just start teaching you a lesson haha. and they do it in their language they are learning so its always fun. its cool tho i hear so many diffrent languages through out the day cause people use it as much as they can and speak it to who ever. i hope that my pictures that i sent home made it if not please let me know and i will print some more and send them. I have had lots of people ask how the language is coming , its coming but very slowly haha. their is so much to learn and remember its crazy. my whole vocabulary right now is basically gospel terms cause on week 5 we have to teach a 35 minute lesson on the first discussion in spanish so that will be intresting. especially cause my compainion is quiet so i do most of the talking. i have a tough time getting him to speak in the lessons haha. but each week he does get better. my companion is from alma arkansa so he has a strong accent but its awesome. we get a new district possibly next weeek so that well be cool to great them and have another disrtict come in. its weird not being the newbies anymore. we have had 2 more sets of missionaries come in since i have been here. and its always funny to see them walk in cause i know exactly how they feel. lost and confused haha. my stomach is finally getting used to to food here. it only took 2 weeks haha. before my stomach would grumble almost every 10 minutes and that finally stoped. and im suprised i weighed myself this week and i weigh the same i havent gained any weight i have been eating alot too. but we get an hour of gym everyday which is awesome to play basketball or volleybal each day. well it sounds like everyone is doing good at home and thanks for the letters they always make my day i love hearing how everyone is doing and whats going on thru out your week. Love you all

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