Sunday, May 30, 2010

Hola familia, i cant belive its p-day again already i know i say that everyweek, but its crazy how fast time flys here at the mtc. when people would say that i would always laugh and dint beleive them. but they keep you so busy here you lose track of time. its nice how they have the days layed out to. pretty much my week starts on wed cause thats when i got here. and than i look forward to friday p - day. and than i look forward to sunday cause sundays are great at the mtc. and than i look forward to wed again. and than its already been week again lol. so their is always something to look forward to thru out the week which is good. we had the oppurtunity to hear from todd christofferson from the qurom of the 12. we have been very lucky. we have heard 3 apostles talk on tuesday night devotionals. and we have a good chance of hearing another apostle. that would make number 4 for us. today people came and finger printed us for our visa's. they took our finger print of every finger on both hands lol. than next thursday we meet with the consulant from argentina we have to have a meeting with him. and we sign our visas in front of him. i had no idea we had to do anything like this. but it seems that everything is on track and looks like i should get my visa on time. im praying for it at least. their are some elders that have been here for 15 weeks waiting, and they may get reasigned missions. my departure date is june 22. so i only have like 3 1/2 weeks or so. so i cant wait to get to argentina although i dont feel ready at all. spanish is very difficult. alot to remember. everything has been going good tho. i have gained at least 10 lbs since being here. and the food isnt even good so i dont know why i eat so much haha. gym has been really fun i found 3 other elders that played competitive volleyball in high school who are all really good. so we get some intense games of 2 on 2 going. so i look forward to gym everyday now. i feel like i can play volleyball better now than i could in high school. dont know why tho. well thats about all the news for this week not a whole lot else has happend. thank you everyone for the letters and for all you do. i love you all so much and hope that you have a great week and a awesome day. a quick quote i like that my teacher always says to us in class. "in all that you do work like it all depends on you, but pray like it all depends on god and you will achieve your goals in life". hope everyone is doing well and i love hearing from you all. love you all and thanks for the support.

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