Saturday, June 5, 2010

this week has been a good week as usual. i only have 2 or 2/12 weeks left which is awesome. i am so excited to get to argentina but at the same time dont feel ready at all. im excited to get some good food tho. i hope you are right mark about the food down their cause i am looking forward to it. im getting sick of this mtc food haha. we are the very last lunch and dinner so the food is always cold and sometimes they run out of the good stuff haha. but its all good. we meet with the consulant this week and he was a cool guy. he is a roman catholic but when he walked in he wanted us to sing called to serve in spanish and only a few people had hymn books but we did ok still. he told us alot about his country and what to expect and things to watch out for. so it was neat being able to ask him questions and talk with him. we signed a paper that has to do with our visas. but i believe that i already have my visa which is good. they lady said that if you werent one of the first 10 called up that you have your visa and i dont htink i was. or at least hope i wasnt haha. but im sure i got it. something else that was pretty exciting this week is that we built a bunk bed that was three levels high haha. we dissambled the bunk beds and stacked them. it was pretty funny i have pics to send home of it. it was hillariouse because it was tuesday night and we got a new district that wed and the room was torn apart and their was a bunk bed that was 3 levels high that was in the middle on the room that was only like 3 feet from the cieling and the new elders that were in that room walk in and they had this scared look on their face like what is going on here haha. they looked so confused. and the hosts that showed them to the room just started laughing. that was the highlight of this week atleast lol. not a whole lot else has happened. we went to the temple today, and what stinks is everytime i walk thru the parking lot i see all the motorcyles parked together and just makes me wanna go riding haha. spanish is getting a little better each week . but the more i learn, the less i feel i know because i realize how bad i actually speak the language. but they can understand me and thats what matters. me and my companion made a goal next week to only speak spanish allday for at least 3 days. so that well be intresting. and if anyone happens to run across a pocketsize spanish to english dictionary thats small that would be very helpfull. cause they ones we have here are kinda big. it sounds like everyone is doing good at home from what i hear, or from at least what i have been told anyways. but im glad to hear that. i hope that everyone has a good week and i love you all hasta pronto!


elder Gabriella

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